Vintage Wood Tree of Life Spiritual Choker Necklace

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Vintage Wood Tree of Life Spiritual Choker Necklace 

Peaceful • Nature • Positivity • Inner beauty

This lovely Vintage Wood Tree of Life Spiritual Choker Necklace speaks to us at the deeper level and showing us that know matter how bad a situation may look or feels, its possibilities of a new beginning and a fresh start is what happens from within. The Tree of Life symbolizes and  represents our true authentic self,  inner beauty, our quality of being one of a kind since no two people are the same. It focuses on inner self growth and person excellence. The tree signifies great  strength, intelligence, grounding benefits and reminds us as we develop and go through life that no matter what we might be dealing with that we can start fresh and new but this time we have our own life experiences and lessons we have learned.  This pendant will assist you to begin a new, no matter where you're in your own  individual journey. Maybe you are looking for the new found love, or maybe you are ready for a new job. Maybe your now ready to start that new business.  Whatever it is that you want to start fresh it'll assist you to remain on track and make beyond any doubt you're guided to that right direction on your new path.

AFFIRMATIONS: Use loving mantras such as " I love the person that I am" "I am worthy of love" "I am a lovable person" this will enhance the effects of the crystal.  I find it extremely helpful to make sure to hold each crystal in your hands and close your eyes and connect to the stone, as you are doing this you set the intentions of exactly what you want this bracelet to do for you. Affirmations: Use powerful mantra like “My dreams are now my reality”  “My mind is free of worry” this will increase the effect of your chiker.  

love mantras such as “ I deserve true love” or “I love myself enough to put myself first” 

1. Product details:

  • Item type: Choker
  • Material: wood and Alloy
  • Color: brown
  • Rope type: Waxed rope
2. Dimensions:


  • Pendant size:3.5 cm
  • Maximum length:39.5 cm/42 cm

All necklaces are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your necklace.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Customer Reviews

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Kianny Antigua
This is the second time I buy it...

...this time for my daughter. I LOVE IT!
Thank you,

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