The Power of 3 Protection Healing Bracelet - (8 MM & 10 MM)

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The Power of 3 Protection Healing Bracelet - (8 MM & 10 MM) 

EMF Protection • Strength • Good Luck

When you combine these 3 powerful stones- Obsidian, Hematite, and Tiger's Eye , it creates The Power of 3 Healing Bracelet which means only good things are going to happen to you. You are finally safe and protected especially each stone have many protective and extremely powerful benefits which makes the effects of this bracelet  one very Powerful Protective bracelet that gives you 10x more of Protection cause each stone works off of each other which will shield and protect you from any negative energies as well as the frequency that radiates from the 5G towers/EMF which we aren’t even able to see this frequency.  It’s like a silent killer.  No need to worry about any of this anymore cause this bracelet will protect your energy field and you will have a sense of calming knowing that you are fully protected.

Utilize these crystals to cure life's ups and downs, knocks-outs and bumps in the road. Regardless of whether you know nothing about crystal healing, this trio  The power of 3 bracelets  makes it simple and easy cause it will Automatically do it for you.

Hematite also can calm you during stressful times in our life which reduces the feelings of all that extra stress, tensions  or worry that we might have on your shoulders.  It will free you from all of that and will feel refreshed and increased vitality. Promotes a healthy mindset that will bring you to have clarity in your brain which will change your perspective and see things in a different way. This bracelet will help to keep you grounded in any situation and is handled with ease. The positive vibration of hematite will give you a new sense of inner strength, self awareness and confidence to give you that willpower and drive to accomplish all of your goals.  Hematite is extremely powerful protection stone and any negativity will just bounce right off of you and acts like a shield or armor. It is known to keep you safe from EMF radiation that is all around our electronics. Hematite will transform negative energies and thoughts and change them to positive. Which in return will give us the confidence and boost your self-esteem. anything that is negative.

Black Obsidian Also called Black Onyx", have Strong Curative Properties. It is additionally renowned for its defensive power that shields anybody from negative impact while purifying their collection of negative strong energies. For instance, I’m sure a person can immediately come to your mind that is filled with drama and they just suck the energy right out of you. We as a whole know somebody negative that "depletes our vitality". Black Obsidian ensures us against their cynicism, shield us from their vitality and secure our vitality.  Black Obsidian  helps to release the past and let go of old relationships that no longer serve you.  It helps to get rid of any unhealthy detachments that are holding us back. It’s also very calming and soothes the mind.  Also very grounding and will help you keep both feet on the ground. 

Tigers Eye Stone wI’ll have you making moves. It’s will have you facing your fears and releasing them with ease. It will bring you clarity and will help you to make decisions by presenting all sides and will point out the best decision. Problem solving is it’s forte and will have you feeling confident with your decisions which will help you to move in the direction you need.

Tigers' Eye is also known as a powerful protection stone that will protect you from all negativity. It helps to raise our self esteem, understanding which will have us glowing with positivity. It keeps us grounded and stable. It is also very empowering and helps us to reach our goals, Tiger Eye is great at showing us different sides of the story and brings in new perspectives that helps us to attain whatever we set our mind to. No matter how enormous the problem might be, tiger eyes find us a solution and help to solve even the biggest dilemmas .

Entertain yourself with precious stones and feel the energy put back in life again.  The power of 3 bracelet also helps to stop spoiled habits that are impeding your bliss and quality of life.  Everybody you meet will feel the positive energy vibrations all around you and will be mesmerized from the glow shining so bright.

Since this Neutralize negative vitality from the earth - wear a fiery shield any and every place you go to ensure that you are protected at all times  

This powerful bracelet will also look good on you The delightful trio of polished yellow, silver, and black. Will get you compliments everywhere you go.

 Affirmations: say protection mantras such as “I am safe ” “ My family is protected by the divine.”” I am always guided, guarded, and protected.”  “Gods protective Light surrounds me at all times and I am safe from all harm.” this will enhance the effects of the bracelet

Bead Size (8MM & 10 MM)

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your bracelet.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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