Tree of Life Crescent Magic Moon Gemstone Wire Pendant w/ Chain.

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Tree of Life Crescent Magic Moon Gemstone Wire Pendant w/ Chain.

Love • Protection • Purification
This lovely Tree of Life Crescent Moon Gemstone Wire Pendant speaks to modern life with a new beginning and a fresh start. The Tree of Life symbolizes and  represents our true authentic self,  inner beauty, our quality of being one of a kind since no two people are the same. It focuses on inner self growth and person excellence. The tree signifies great  strength, intelligence, grounding benefits and reminds us as we develop and go through life that no matter what we might be dealing with that we can start fresh and new but this time we have our own life experiences and lessons we have learned.  This pendant will assist you to begin a new, no matter where you're in your own  individual journey. Maybe you are looking for the new found love, or maybe you are ready for a new job. Maybe your now ready to start that new business.  Whatever it is that you want to start fresh it'll assist you to remain on track and make beyond any doubt you're guided to that right direction on your new path.
The Crescent Moon is a symbolized of power and represents rebirth of oneself.  The Crescent Moon represents new beginnings and fresh starts.

This pendant is available in 4 different gemstones and each one has its own unique meaning which will help you no matter where you are on your journey called life. 

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular stones on the market today and is known as the "Unconditional Love" Crystal. Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra.  Rose Quartz also brings peace to the wearer.  When using Rose Quartz it helps you to go deep within and brings deeper healing and self love.  It is truly an amazing stone how its able to open up your heart and teaches you the true meaning of all the different levels of love.  People also turn to Rose Quartz cause of its calming properties especially during traumatic times in our life. 

If you are looking for love and romance, Rose Quartz is the crystal that is up for the job.  It helps to draw in love the love that you desire and the love you deserve. 

If you are in a existing relationship, Rose Quartz can help to make the bond stronger and it restore trust, loyalty, harmony and teaches you and your partner about unconditional love. 

Its truly amazing the way that Rose Quartz is able to remove negative energies, emotions and replaces it with love and peace. 

This is a great stone for empaths or people that are very sensitive to energies that are around them.  It helps them with acceptance with themselves and shows them when a change is necessary for their own growth and happiness. 

Most people at the age of 50 years old or older might experience a midlife crisis.  This is an excellent stone to get you through and to accept things as they are and does it all with love and understanding. 

Have you ever experienced a heartbreak and your heart actually aches and hurts so badly.  Most of us at one time or another has experience heartache and its not easy at all to remove or cut off ties with the other person.  Luckily Rose Quartz is a natural healer of the heart and it will help you to remove any stuck emotions that are preventing you to let go and to move ahead. When something no longer serves you this stone will help you and point you into the right direction while leaving all the past hurts behind you.  It gets deep inside the core so you can heal the correct way. 

AFFIRMATIONS: Use loving mantras such as " I love the person that I am" "I am worthy of love" "I am a lovable person" this will enhance the effects of the crystal.  I find it extremely helpful to make sure to hold each crystal in your hands and close your eyes and connect to the stone, as you are doing this you set the intentions of exactly what you want this bracelet to do for you. 

Amethyst is a stone that is extremely powerful protective stone.  It is connected with our spiritual energy and will protect us from any spiritual attacks and blocks it from entering into your energy.  It will bounce any negativity off of you and you will feel safe.  Amethyst also is known as a "natural tranquillizer", it helps to relieves all stress from your daily life which will balance out your moods.  It also removes any sadness, anxiety, or grief you might be feeling.  Its a stone of purification and extremely soothing, Amethyst also opens up intuition and activates spiritual awareness and deepens your connection to the spiritual world.  Amethyst is amazing at dispelling anger, rage and fear! Also enhances spiritual psychic abilities and gifts.  Amethyst cleanses away all negativity and will protect you from any harm.  Amethyst also cleanses your aura. Amethyst also helps with creativity and helps to bring new and creative ideas to our mind keeping it fresh and new. 
AFFIRMATIONS “I am at peace” “ I am protected” this will enhance the effects of the crystal.  I find it extremely helpful to make sure to hold each crystal in your hands and close your eyes and connect to the stone , as you are doing this you set the intentions of exactly what you want this bracelet to do for you. 

Tigers Eye Stone wI’ll have you making moves. It’s will have you facing your fears and releasing them with ease. It will bring you clarity and will help you to make decisions by presenting all sides and will point out the best decision.  Problem solving is it’s forte and will have you feeling confident with your decisions which will help you to move in the direction you need. 

Tigers' Eye is also known as a powerful protection stone that will protect you from all negativity. It helps to raise our self esteem, understanding which will have us glowing with positivity.  It keeps us grounded and stable. It is also very empowering and helps us to reach our goals,  Tiger Eye is great at showing us different sides of the story and brings in new perspectives that helps us to attain whatever we set our mind to. No matter how enormous the problem might be, tiger eyes find us a solution and help to solve even the biggest dilemmas .

Clear Quartz is the most well known crystal healing stone of all the gems. It is the most powerful stone and can work on any type of condition. It is known as the stone of intensity and intensifies any energy or intention expectation. It is said to fight against negativity, pessimism, and anything that might try to get in the way of your higher self.  With liberating and freeing the brain of stresses or questions, and enabling you to zero in on your own aspirations. Clear Quartz is the ideal stone to help your energy during the manifestation process. It allows you to create the reality that you have always desired, so make sure to set clear intentions and keep those thoughts positive. Clear Quartz is known as the "All Healer" so If all else fails, be sure to utilize and reach for some clear quartz.

Affirmations: Use powerful mantra like “My dreams are now my reality”  “My mind is free of worry” this will increase the effect of your bracelet  

love mantras such as “ I deserve true love” or “I love myself enough to put myself first” or “ I deserve to be happy and healthy”

Product details:

  • Item type: pendant with chain
  • Material: Rose Quartz(black chain),Amethyst (black chain), Tiger’s Eye (Gold Chain), Clear Quartz (black chain)
  • Color: Pink, Purple, Brown, Clear
  • Wire Type: Brass
  • Pendant diameter: 1.57 in (4 cm)  
  • Weight: 12 g

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your necklace.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


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