The Miracle Stone Shungite (EMF Protections 8MM)

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The “Miracle” Black Shungite Beads Bracelet

EMF Protection♥️Powerful♥️Removes Negativity 

This is no ordinary black bracelet - it will help protect you from EMFs because it's made from genuine shungite beads!

Shungite is known  for its protection benefits but also shungite is a great healer.  Many people refer to shungite as the “miracle stone” especially cause it’s a stone filled with life.

How can we use shungite to experience all of its healing benefits and properties.

  • Helps repair immune system 
  • Gives you an energy boost
  •  Creates a healthy and balance mind
  • Stabling emotions and mood.
  • EMF protection(harmful 5G frequency)
  • Purifies the body by detoxing and removing harmful toxins and removes negativity.
  • Enhances in Spiritual growth
  • Grounding stone 
  • Balances and unblocks all 7 chakras
  • Elevates higher energy vibration
  • Helps with sleeping patterns
  • healer on all levels 

Did you know that shungite is made up of mostly carbon? And carbon forms the building blocks of life.

Shungite has been around for a very long time. You can find Shungite in Russia. Since Shungite is made of mostly carbon, Many People love using this stone as a natural watering filter to clean and mineralized your water.  

There are many health benefits when you digest  Shungite.  

  • resolves and aids you to with a healthy gut
  • therapeutic effects that helps any area of your body giving it relief from any ailments 

They say that Shungite is the best stone that will protect and absorb any electromagnetic energy frequency.

Shungite stone shields and protects us. It purifies your soul and brings the energy of watt with in.  you you carries the energy of the earth. Which brings you calmness and peace.

Shungite will unblock all Chakras and bring it to balance so the energy can flow completely throughout your whole body.  Shungite brings mental clarity by bringing up unresolved painful issues so we can face our thoughts and emotions. This will have us questioning our beliefs and healing past wounds. Shungite is the most powerful stone to balance and open up each chakra.

Wearing Shungite will ensure that your energy is protected at all times, even though we can’t see the electromagnetic (harmful radiation)energy doesn’t mean it’s not there.!! We are surrounded by electronics, anywhere and every where we go. So it’s up to ourselves to protect ourselves.h throughout the day.

Shungite is nature’s strongest EMF protector, and it acts as Detoxifier of free radicals, as well as any toxic agents:  If you are sensitive to EMF, wearing shungite will draw out all toxins.


  • Bracelet type: bead
  • Material: Shungite 
  • Color: black
  • Rope type: elastic


    • Bead size: (8 mm)
    • Bracelet length: 
      • 8 mm: Actual size 6.25 inches (Fits 5.5 - 6.75in) (15 - 18.2 cm)

    All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your bracelet.

    BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

    We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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