The ”Spiritual Awakening” Sodalite Healing Bracelet (8MM)

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The “Spiritual Awakening” Sodalite Healing Bracelet (8MM)

 Speak your truth✨ Calming ✨Self-Acceptance

Who else can relate to the feeling that their life completely crumbled to the ground, and all you were able to do from that moment was trying to pick up all the pieces and rebuild your life back from scratch.? It's like the universe just ripped the Band-Aid right off with no warning and left your wound opened for you to heal.  The year 2020 is a year that represents "Change & Transformation," and many people are experiencing a "Spiritual Awakening."  All the beautiful souls that have already awaken can tell you it wasn't an easy task to get through.  People think that a spiritual awaking is this lovely experience, but in reality, you were faced with every obstacle, and your patience and sanity were tested multi times.  You are faced with the inner truth, completely ripped apart and felt as if your life experienced a tower moment. As you watched everything crashed down right in front of our eyes and dealing with many hurts and karmic relationships, We were left with no choice and had to accept all the lessons and start anew to work deep within to heal every single part of you. It's when you no longer relate to your old self, but you are not exactly the new you yet.  This is when you are transitioning from the 3D world into your higher frequency that is needed to reach the highest level of self. You might feel as if your life is ultimately over, but the truth is that your journey has just begun.

Sodalite is the natural "Harmonizer" that carries awareness and smoothness to the brain. It energizes level-headed ideas, objectivity, truth, and instinct, alongside verbalization of emotions. Sodalite brings enthusiastic equilibrium and quiets you when you are in a hysterics Or unrationed sort of mind-set. It upgrades confidence, self-acknowledgment, and self-trust. Sodalite can assist with a deep state sleep and arrive at the rem stage. 

It's the inward voice instructing you not to accomplish something that is anything but a smart thought or places you in an awful circumstance. It prevents you from crying over that sad love song and calling your ex. It gives you willpower.  All in all, instinct resembles your internal intuition with help from your spirit guides, shielding you from obscurity and continually keeping you towards light and love. Teaching you to trust your gut and feelings is what has your back since the very first moment. 

The Sodalite precious stone is the striking and exciting impetus to get you back in contact with your intuition, a crucial piece of our endurance as animal types. In this day and age, heeding your gut feelings encourages making the ways for general certainties, and the Sodalite invigorates you and the jolt of energy you have to transport to higher awareness. Bring the rich, illustrious blue shade of the Sodalite precious stone into your mending safe-haven and prepare to shake at the highest of vibrations and awaken you.  

Product details:

  • Bracelet type: bead
  • Material: Sodalite
  • Color: blue
  • Rope type: elastic


    • Bead size: (8 mm)
    • Bracelet length: 
      • 8 mm: Actual size 6.75in (Fits 6 - 7.25 in)

    All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown, but we know you will be pleased with your bracelet's uniqueness.

    BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

    We stand by our high-quality products and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.🌕


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