Green Tiger “Success” Healing Bracelet (8MM, 10MM & 12MM)

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Green Tiger “Success” Healing Bracelet

Ambition • Self-Drive • Confidence 

When you are looking to get ahead in your career and looking for great success then Green Tiger “Success” healing bracelet is the best crystal that will push you ahead to get the job done for you. Green Tiger Eye is also known as “work fortune” that will bring you great success and will have you working towards all your dreams and goals. You will have the drive and ambition to learn and grow and will be empowered to look within so you can become the person you have always dreamed to be! Green Tiger Eye will boost your confidence levels... which is needed to move up that success ladder! 
This will have you excited and motivated, so you will be able  to make those hard difficult changes and decisions that we are faced with! Get ready for an amazing ride on the success train! 

Keep your thoughts positive and focused, which are extremely powerful and any thought will manifest before your very own eyes!  

Affirmation: use positive success and motivating mantras such as “I will do whatever it takes to live a life that I am proud of”. “I will make my dreams and goals a reality” “I have what it takes to get the job done”. “I’m growing and learning each day to stay focused”. 
Saying these positive mantras/affirmations will increase the effects of the stone.

Set your intentions for your bracelets. I recommend doing this with all your crystals. Close your eyes and hold the bracelet in your hand feeling the energies from the bracelet.  Keep your mind cleared & focus and  whatever you want the bracelet to do for you is when you say it out loud! Don’t forget to give thanks and appreciation which will amplify the stones effects.

1. Product details:

  • Bracelet type: bead
  • Material: Tiger's Eye
  • Color: green, black
  • Rope type elastic

Available in sizes 8MM, 10MM & 12MM


  • Material: Green Tiger Eye
  • Color:   Green
  • Rope Type:  Elastic Rope
  • Bead size: (8MM), (10MM),(12 MM) 
  • Bracelet length:(8MM) actual 6.75 in (fits 6.25- 7.75 in)
  • Bracelet length:(10MM) actual 6.75 in (fits 6.25 -7.5in)
  • Bracelet length:(12MM) actual 6.25 in (fits 6-7 in)

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your bracelet.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.🌕

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