Aromatherapy Hem Incense Sticks (8 sticks)

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Aromatherapy Hem  Incense Sticks (1 pkg - 8 sticks)

Peace • Calming• Grounding
Nowadays we are all looking for some outlet. If it’s to relax, meditate, or feel at peace.  A great way to relax and to create a peaceful living space is through Aromatherapy.  It is said that when you breathe in certain scents, it can drastically change your mood and what you are feeling, especially after a hard d of work.  These natural incense sticks had an aroma that keeps on giving; the scent will linger in your space for hours after, so you can enjoy the aromatherapy even after it has burned out!  
We have the following scents available:
Rose- represents fierce intimacy feelings and is connected with love and finding your soulmate.
Vanilla -is a favorite of both men and women since it can instantly take you back to a pleasant time when you were growing up.  Maybe the creamy mouth-watering smell reminds you of grandma baking you a delicious treat. Vanilla represents safeness and security.
Tangerine- helps with stressful situations by giving you a feeling of overall peace and happiness in your life.  Tangerine will also lift you energetically while soothing and calming your soul. Tangerine represents energy, being young, happy, upbeat and feeling alive and vibrant  amongst other things.

The Moon symbolizes rebirth of oneself.  Creates a strong energy with source.  Best to burn during new moon and again during a full moon.   The Moon represents new beginnings and fresh starts.
Spiritual guide incense will align you directly with your spirit guides, which will transform your mind, body and soul by evolving you energetically higher frequency, which will ensure that you are on the right path . 

Divine Power incense aromatherapy creates and transcends human capacity to connect directly with the universe.  When we become more and more consciousness and go deep enough within is when we finally realize that we are indeed the divine power. Divine power is part of all of us. The Divine power allows you to have a true authentic relationship that gives us that special access to connect directly. When you reached your divine power, the aura wI’ll be illuminating and shining bright all around you! Think of it as you activated your inner hypnotic which will draw all abundance into your life. 
Against Jealousy incense will help you to release all toxic connections that are showing up in your life. It will shine a very bright spotlight on you which will project outward on to others and will do this until you see the wounds that need to be healed. Jealousy is a very toxic trait that many of us have and it will keep surfacing until you do the inner work that is necessary.  As you vibrate at a higher frequency is when you will start to attract other people that are like you. Jealousy comes from our ego, and when we are unhealed is why we keep aty racing toxic people in our life. It gives off  the unhealed energy signals. 
Affirmation: Any positive mantra will help and be sure to change them up with the different scents. “I am at peace” “I am happy” “ I am filled with love”. “I am feeling energized” 

1. Product details:
  • Item type: Hem incense sticks
  • Scents available: Rose, Vanilla, Tangerine, The Moon, Spiritual Guides, Divine Power, Against Jealousy 
  • includes: 1 Box (8 sticks)

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 🌕


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