4 inch Sage Bundles (3 bundles).. Many Varieties! (Rose Petals, Palo Santo and etc)

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White Sage 4 inch Bundles (3 bundles) ...many varieties see below!

Sage is connected to the spiritual realm and is very useful for many things. It is known to strengthen intuition. It helps healers to get to the healing state and to also solve any spiritual dilemmas. Smudging is extremely important to use to rid any negative energy from your life, from your home and your surroundings. Used for rituals, meditation and calming. You can also use sage to cleanse and clear your crystals. Sage rids negativity. 

We have the following sage you can choose from: Each choice you have comes with a total of 3 bundles!

1. White Sage 4 inch Bundles (3 Bundles) - great for smudging and removing negativity. Also cleanses aura and removes lower vibration spirits from you or from your surroundings. 

2. White Sage 4 inch bulb Bundles (3 bundles)-great for smudging and removing negativity. Also cleanses ones aura and removes lower vibration spirits from you or your surroundings. 

3.  White Sage 4 inch Bundles with Rose Petals (3 Bundles)-  Helps with your emotions to use sage with rose especially when your dealing with breakups or when you are ready and willing to find that love connection.  Traditionally the rose is associated with attracting love, conferring peace, stimulating sexual appetites and enhancing beauty. ... The element is primarily water. The scent is heavy, warm and aromatic with a hint of sharpness.Regarded as a sacred plant, it is so versatile that it can be used for almost any type of smudging ritual, such as healing, protection, and cleansing to name a few. It can also be added to other herbal mixtures to increase their potency.

4.  White Sage 4 inch Bundles with Palo Santo Stick (3 Bundles)-  is typically used to cleanse a space of negative energy which Palo Santo will shift your energy and elevate your mood.  When burning both Sage and Palo think of it this way... sage removes negative energies and Palo Santo is able to move energies. When used together its very powerful and will uplift your mood and will get you out of any ruts you might be in.  

5.  White Sage 4 inch Bundles with Eucalyptus : this is great for emotional balance which also helps with ridding exhaustion and removes mental sluggish and helps with strengthening overall concentration and focus.  It will awaken your soul and gives you the creative mind and helps to see the world from a different perspective. Sage is known for cleansing and clearing all negativity from your space and energy field.

6.  White Sage 4 inch Bundles with Rosemary: is associated with remembrance.  It’s symbolizes love, joy, peaceful, serenity and happiness. Rosemary can bring you luck.  Sage is known for cleansing and clearing all negativity from your space and energy field.

7.  Lavender sage - Full of aroma these wild lavender smudges wands are great to use during ceremonies ritual aid or simply use as an incense. Also known as purple Sage.

8.  Multi Color Flower Sage-   Also known as rose petal sage is white sage wrapped with rose petals this combination cleanses and purifies and relieves stress and tension it removes the negative energy and places it with calming and loving vibe.

9. Blue Sage-  are used for welcoming money wealth Abundance health and prosperity to your life it is believed to cleanse negativity hate an exorcism.

10. Chakra Sinvata Sage(2 bundles included of 4 inch) This Chakra Sage is great when you are looking to cleanse and clear your chakras.  Purification, protection and clearing are just a few benefits you will receive. Great to use in your new home, car or any sacred space.  Use to cleanse your existing home, car or spaces when you feel negative energy present.  Also great to use to remove stuck energies or negativity from Aura!

Burning Sage on a regular basis will help to keep yourself protected from negativity.


  • Pack includes: 4 inch Sage bundles - 3 bundles in each! Except for Chakra Sinvata Sage which comes 4 inch Sage - 2 bundles

Always use caution when burning sage to ensure safety! 


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Love Love Love!

Absolute best customer service. Renee shipped my package quickly from when i ordered and when it bounced for a wrong address she mailed it again at no charge. Definitely will buy again, these bundles were awakening and fresh in scent and powerful in spiritual regard. Truthfully, thank you.

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