10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.
10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.

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10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.

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10PC Natural Healing Tumble Meditation Stone Set.

Peace • Stress Relief • Freedom

Chakras are energy centers in your body. There are 7 chakras in total and each of them has specific functions on a psychological and physical level. There are 2 states these chakras can be in- closed or open. (Blocked or Balanced)
Root Chakra (Red) - trust, safety. If this chakra is closed a person may experience constant fear of their existence, relationship, money, and the existence of the world.
Physically - might experience problems with legs and lover back
Sacral chakra (orange) - sexuality and creativity. If this chakra is closed (Blocked) a person may experience a lack of sex drive and creativity.
Physically - problem with genitals and other problems in the waist area.
Solar plexus (yellow) - associated with wisdom and willpower. If this chakra is closed(Blocked) a person may experience a lack of willpower.
Physically - stomach problems, tiredness.
Heart chakra - (Green) love, healing. If this chakra is closed a person may experience bad luck in relationships.
Physically - getting sick often or not being able to recover from sickness, problems with the heart and lungs.
Throat chakra -(Blue) communication. If this chakra is closed a person may experience problems communicating with partners, friends, and other people generally. Anxiety, depression.
Physically - problems with speaking, hearing, thyroid.
Third eye chakra -(Indigo) Awareness. If this chakra is closed a person may experience a lack of awareness in many different areas.
Physically - problems with sight.
Crown chakra - (Violet) Spirituality. If this chakra is closed a person may experience a lack of intuition, understanding of life, and the universe, and want to commit suicide. Physically - an easy target for any magic attack, headaches.  

10 Pcs Energy Infused Healing Meditation crystals

These stones have been charged and cleansed with the full moon and also with sage.  This ensures that it is free of any energies which gives you a fresh start with your new meditation stone set.  This set come with the 7 chakra stones and we added 3 more crystals that are needed to enhance you to get into that deep state of mind during meditation.  

We offer a variety of crystals,  so you can experience the benefits from each stone and feel the different effects from each one.  There are many great benefits for each of these crystals that are included in this set.

The set includes the following:

Clear Quartz is the most well known crystal healing stone of all the gems. It is the most powerful stone and can work on any type of condition. It is known as the stone of intensity and intensifies any energy or intention expectation. It is said to fight against negativity, pessimism, and anything that might try to get in the way of your higher self.  With liberating and freeing the brain of stresses or questions, and enabling you to zero in on your own aspirations. Clear Quartz is the ideal stone to help your energy during the manifestation process. It allows you to create the reality that you have always desired, so make sure to set clear intentions and keep those thoughts positive. Clear Quartz is known as the "All Healer" so If all else fails, be sure to utilize and reach for some clear quartz.

Tigers Eye Stone is a gem with beautiful groups of yellow-brilliant tone through it. This is a ground-breaking stone that encourages you to release any fear and anger. It pushes you in making a move, and causes you to uncloud your mind so you are able to make smart choices and decisions. It shows you different insights and understanding to make a choice without clouding your feelings. Tigers' Eye is also known as a powerful protection stone that will protect you from all negativity. It helps to raise our self esteem, confidence, understanding which will have us glowing with positivity.  It keeps us grounded and stable. It is also very empowering and helps us to reach our goals,  Tiger Eye is great at showing us different sides of the story and brings in new perspectives that helps us to attain whatever we set our mind to. No matter how enormous the problem might be, tiger eyes find us a solution and help to solve even the biggest dilemmas .

Amethyst:  is a stone that is an extremely powerful protective stone.  It is connected with our spiritual energy and will protect us from any spiritual attacks and blocks it from entering into your energy.  It will bounce any negativity off of you and you will feel safe.  Amethyst also is known as a "natural tranquilizer", it helps to relieve all stress from your daily life which will balance out your moods.  It also removes any sadness, anxiety, or grief you might be feeling.  It's a stone of purification and extremely soothing, Amethyst also opens up intuition and activates spiritual awareness and deepens your connection to the spiritual world.  Amethyst is amazing at dispelling anger, rage and fear! Also enhances spiritual psychic abilities and gifts.  Amethyst cleanses away all negativity and will protect you from any harm.  Amethyst also cleanses your aura. Amethyst also helps with creativity and helps to bring new and creative ideas to our mind keeping it fresh and new. This powerful bracelet is for people who need to get rid of negative energies and bad emotions. Amethyst also brings a peaceful state of sleep and brings beautiful dreams. 

Red Jasper: Many utilize Red Jasper as a quieting stone and to invigorate the Root Chakra. Some Native American societies think about Red Jasper to represent the blood of the Earth, making it especially hallowed or sacred. Red Jasper is brimming with grounding Earth energy. Utilized in healing, Jasper binds together all areas in your life.

Green Aventurine This stone is known as bringing Opportunities to its wearer.  When you are trying to manifest happiness, prosperity, wealth and want to increase your chances of winning, then you will want to make sure that you are wearing the luckiest of all crystals!  Green Aventurine rids you and protects you from any negative thoughts and emotions.  Green Aventurine is also known as the comforter and heart healer. This will heal your heart and will comfort and soothe your pain by healing all deep wounds inside of you, especially the ones you never wanted to face.  It will bring it to the surface so your heart can be free of all pain.  It neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment. 

Red Mahogany Obsidian: Is amazing at strengthening your aura and will protect you from continuous problems or issues that keep on arising.  Superb at giving both grounding and protection energy that will keep you feeling safe. In time of need, or during unsettling times, Mahogany Obsidian empowers and gives you that inner strength.  It kills and removes any energy blockages and creates calmness and relieves any tensions which assists and stimulates your growth in all levels.

Labradorite: A stone of change, Labradorite is a helpful buddy through change, giving quality and persistence. It adjusts and secures the aura, raises awareness and grounds energies. Labradorite is known to quiet you and decrease nerves.

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular stones on the market today and is known as the "Unconditional Love" Crystal. Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra.  Rose Quartz also brings peace to the wearer.  When using Rose Quartz it helps you to go deep within and brings deeper healing and self love.  It is truly an amazing stone how it's able to open up your heart and teaches you the true meaning of all the different levels of love.  People also turn to Rose Quartz because of its calming properties especially during traumatic times in our life. If you are looking for love and romance, Rose Quartz is the crystal that is up for the job.  It helps to draw in love the love that you desire and the love you deserve. If you are in a existing relationship, Rose Quartz can help to make the bond stronger and it restores trust, loyalty, harmony and teaches you and your partner about unconditional love. It's truly amazing the way that Rose Quartz is able to remove negative energies, emotions and replaces it with love and peace. This is a great stone for empaths or people that are very sensitive to energies that are around them.  It helps them with acceptance with themselves and shows them when a change is necessary for their own growth and happiness. Have you ever experienced a heartbreak and your heart actually aches and hurts so badly.  Most of us at one time or another have experienced heartache and it's not easy at all to remove or cut off ties with the other person.  Luckily Rose Quartz is a natural healer of the heart and it will help you to remove any stuck emotions that are preventing you from letting go and to move ahead. When something no longer serves you this stone will help you and point you into the right direction while leaving all the past hurts behind you.  It gets deep inside the core so you can heal the correct way. 

Rhodonite is a stone of empathy, an enthusiastic balancer that cleans up passionate injuries and scars from an earlier time, and that sustains love. It animates, clears and activates the heart. Rhodonite grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and helps in accomplishing one's most noteworthy potential.
Lapis Lazuli is an amazing crystal that gives you that "push" to take control of your life.  This helps to open up the Third Eye Chakra and also balances out the throat chakra which will present you with wisdom and inner truth.  It will also help with communication and self-expression without you holding anything in and letting it all come to the surface not holding anything back.  Lapis Lazuli has a way of amplifying your thoughts and thought process which helps to turn those negative mindsets into positive ones.  Brings the mind clarity and creative thinking! Because Lapis Lazuli helps one to express themselves this helps to create stronger bonds in romantic relationships and friendship.  It releases stress which will bring you that deep feeling of peace, serenity and calmness.  Did you know that lapis lazuli is the crystal that is also used to contact our spirit guides/guardians? So when you need some extra help or guidance be sure to call them for help and direction. It will protect you from any psychic attacks and it will block it and sends the negative energies back to its original source.  Lapis Lazuli helps to teach us the power of our words that we speak and can also reverse any curses from the past. You will find a new sense of Wisdom & Inner Truths which will guide you to reach all of your goals and dreams.


This is an amazing set to add to your collection or maybe you are a beginner and just starting out with crystals.  These stones are great for many things such as meditation, crystal rituals, wiccan practices, reiki, energy work and therapy. Even makes beautiful decoration in your home and also on your alter.

👉🏼Stones will arrive in gift box shown in pictures above.

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your stones.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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