3 Tiger Eye Power of 3 Triple Protection Color Block Healing Bracelet (8MM)

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3 Tiger Eye -Power of 3 Triple Protection Color Block  Bracelet (8MM)

Red/Blue/Green Tiger Eye ♦️Hematite♦️Obsidian 

Red Tiger Eye may be a invigorating stone and can bolster inspiration and a more dynamic sex drive. Sometimes in our relationships things can get stagnant, and when that happens you can easily use Red Tiger Eye to unblock the root chakra. By doing this, it will ground you passionate thoughts which in return will fix any sexual issues with your partner. Red Tiger Eye helps in upgrading certainty and self-esteem. Red Tiger Eye puts the energy back interior of you to be energetic around everything in life. It’s puts the get up and go in your step and makes pulverizing your objectives see simple. It too brings victory in you career.

When you are looking to get ahead in your career and looking for great success then Green Tiger “Success” healing bracelet is the best crystal that will push you ahead to get the job done for you. Green Tiger Eye is also known as “work fortune” that will bring you great success and will have you working towards all your dreams and goals. Green Tiger Eye will boost your confidence levels... which is needed to move up that success ladder! 
This will have you excited and motivated, so you will be able  to make those hard difficult changes and decisions that we are faced with! Get ready for an amazing ride on the success train! 
Keep your thoughts positive and focused, which are extremely powerful and any thought will manifest before your very own eyes!  

Blue Tiger Eye is also known and great at relaxing your body from head to toe which helps you to take it easy and have the easy going type of energy  

Blue Tigers Eye is a crystal that can easily take you to that peaceful place since it is extremely soothing, and knows just how to calm your mind.  This will lessen the stress that is in your life by being completely relaxed. It also calms down your nerves, so you aren’t feeling that tension. Blue Tiger’s Eye works with the throat chakra, this helps with communication and it helps for you to express yourself with creativity and leaves fresh new ideas to enter your life. It helps you to feel completely comfortable with your words, you will always have something to say which helps you to speak freely.  It allows us to speak our truth and not to care about what others think of us and rely more on how you feel about yourself. Blue tiger eye will guide you to go deep within and find your true authentic self and will help you to stand up for what you truly believe in.

Sometimes people don’t have pure intentions towards us and with the help of Tiger’s Eye it will protects us from all negativity that tries to comes our way, it’s acts as a shield and the negativity just bounces off of our energy field.

Discharge and release all fears and negativity that stands in your way from accomplishing your goals. 

Hematite also can calm you during stressful times in our life which reduces the feelings of all that extra stress, tensions  or worry that we might have on your shoulders.  It will free you from all of that and will feel refreshed and increased vitality. Promotes a healthy mindset that will bring you to have clarity in your brain which will change your perspective and see things in a different way. This bracelet will help to keep you grounded in any situation and is handled with ease. The positive vibration of hematite will give you a new sense of inner strength, self awareness and confidence to give you that willpower and drive to accomplish all of your goals.  Hematite is extremely powerful protection stone and any negativity will just bounce right off of you and acts like a shield or armor. It is known to keep you safe from EMF radiation that is all around our electronics. Hematite will transform negative energies and thoughts and change them to positive. Which in return will give us the confidence and boost your self-esteem. anything that is negative.

Black Obsidian Also called Black Onyx", have Strong Curative Properties. It is additionally renowned for its defensive power that shields anybody from negative impact while purifying their collection of negative strong energies. For instance, I’m sure a person can immediately come to your mind that is filled with drama and they just suck the energy right out of you. We as a whole know somebody negative that "depletes our vitality". Black Obsidian ensures us against their cynicism, shield us from their vitality and secure our vitality.  Black Obsidian  helps to release the past and let go of old relationships that no longer serve you.  It helps to get rid of any unhealthy detachments that are holding us back. 


  • Material: Red Tiger Eye, Hematite & Obsidian 
  • Color:   Red, Silver, Black
  • Rope Type:  Elastic Rope
  • Bead size: (8MM)
  • Bracelet length: Actual 6.5 in(fits wrist 6in -7.25 inch)

This combination will make you unstoppable and fully protected and will give your the drive and force to achieve all of your goals and wants! 

Affirmation: Use mantras that help protect your energy, such as “I am grounded, safe, and protected.” Use mantras such as “I am in a loving and passionate relationship” or “I’m passionate and confident in my ability to achieve my goals” to increase the effects of this stone even more.

Available in 8MM

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your bracelet.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.🌕

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