Magic Moon Clear Quartz “Manifestation” Necklace Pendant

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Magic Moon Clear Quartz "Manifestation” Stone of Power Pendant Necklace 

This pendant necklace is gorgeous and will look amazing with any outfit! This beautiful clear quartz pendant features a clear Quartz point wand, which is very well known as the “Stone of Power.”

We are all trying to vibrate at our highest frequency, and this is the stone that will bring you to that next level! As we all awaken and become more conscious, we start to see the truths of what is around us.  We also realize how powerful we indeed are and we can manifest anything we want or desire.  No matter where you are on in this journey that we call life, clear Quartz pendant will bring you to the next level! Clear Quartz is also known to amplify other crystals that is around it! Which makes them that more powerful to help us all with our life purpose.  Make sure to check out our blog about setting intentions so you can receive the full benefit of this amazing stone .  Click Here to read blog. 

Clear Quartz is the foremost well known gem recuperating stone of all the gems. It is the foremost capable stone and can work on any sort of condition. It is known as the stone of concentrated and heighten any vitality or purposeful desire. It is said to battle against negativity, pessimism, and anything that might attempt to urge within the way of your higher self. With freeing and liberating the brain of stresses or questions, and empowering you to zero in on your claim desires. Clear Quartz is the ideal stone to assist your vitality amid the sign prepare. It permits you to make the reality merely have continuously craved, so make beyond any doubt to set clear eagerly and keep those contemplations positive. Clear Quartz is known as the "All Healer" so In the event that all else comes up short, be beyond any doubt to utilize and reach for a few clear quartz.

Affirmations: Use powerful mantra like “My dreams are now my reality”  “My mind is free of worry” this will increase the effect of your pendant.  

Product details:

  • Material: Clear Quartz Crystal 
  • Color: Clear
  • Rope type: adjustable size black rope with gold threads. Choose either wrap stone or unwrapped stone 


  • Stone size: Approx. 1.5 in - 2 inch stone 

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your pendant.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 🌕

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Mary Porcello
Clear quartz

Clear quartz I absolutely love my clear Quartz necklace.

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