Chakra Magical Titanium Quartz Pendants

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Chakra Magical Titanium Quartz(Silver Titanium, Angel Aura Quartz, Tangerine Aura, Rainbow Titanium Aura)Healing Pendant Necklace 

Magic• Hope • Healing

These “Magical Titanium Quartz Pendants” will fill your life and soul with pure magic!  You will instantly feel it’s magical energies, properties and benefits magnifying all your goals,wants, desires, intentions bringing awareness to ones self and purpose.  

It amplifies the bodies natural energy healing properties and strengthens the connections with spirit! It will bring insight, balance, excitement, joy, compassion into your life experiences in order to vibrate and the highest energy frequencies. This stone will immediately give the wearer clarity of the mind for correcting bad life decisions and make them right.  

Mediating with this stone will bring you to levels so high that you didn’t think was even possible.  Using during mediation will open up the door to the spiritual realm bringing clearer messages from spirit.  Angel Aura Quartz aka unicorn aura brings connections and interaction with strong angelic beings.  you will feel a very powerful divine connection deep with in your soul which will align you directly with the universe and spirit world.  Energy easily flows through each chakra to allow healing to begin. Angel Aura Quartz works well with the third eye chakra and opens it up completely.  Tangerine Aura Quartz aka sun aura will free your spirit and gives healing after trauma.  Works with the Third Eye Chakra which opens you up to seeing the truthfulness all around you.  Rainbow Titanium Aura helps with balance, cleansing and psychic abilities.  Sliver Titanium Aura cleanses the aura, reduces panic attacks, transmits healing light and treats at a cellular level. 

If you are looking to bring some magic into your life, then this is the pendant for you.  We all have magic inside of us and this helps to bring it back into our life.

This pendant also feature the 7 chakras stones. Chakras are energy centers in your body. There are 7 chakras in total and each of them has specific functions on a psychological and physical level. There are 2 states these chakras can be in- closed or open. (Blocked or Balanced)! This will help to open up and balance each chakra!

Affirmations: use powerful mantras like “My soul is filled with love, magic and freedom”. This will enhance the stones powerful energies. 

Set your intention: find it extremely helpful to hold each crystal in your hands and close your eyes and connect to the stone; as you are doing this, you set the intentions of precisely what you want this pendant to do for you. 

Check out our Blog  “Setting Intentions with crystals 101!

Product details:

  • Item type: pendant with chain
  • Material: Silver/Rainbow/Tangerine/Angel Aura Titanium Quartz 
  • Color: Silver,Rainbow, Iridescent, Orange 
  • Rope Type: Silver Chain (stainless steel)
  • Pendant diameter: Approx. 2 inch 

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown but we know you will be pleased the uniqueness of your necklace.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.🌕


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