Raw Clear Quartz “Master Amplifier” Points

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Raw Clear Quartz “Master Amplifier” Healing Points (Stone of Power)

Master Healer • Empowerment • Purpose

Are you ready to take your crystal healing to the next level?  If you said “yes,” then you need to keep reading to find out precisely what this Raw Clear Quartz “Master Amplifier” Healing Points is all about and how you will be able to amplify and activate this beautiful energy within your daily life. 

Clear Quartz is
the leader and a well-known gem called the “Master stone” of all the gems in the whole world. No matter the situation, this stone can work on any conditions that you need help with. When in doubt, you can always grab some Clear Quartz, and it will bring you the desired outcome that you need from it. When people need to focus, they will use clear Quartz since it’s known as the stone of concentration and heightens any vitality or purposeful desire. You will be able to manifest anything you need or want! It is said to battle against negativity, pessimism, and anything that might attempt or try to get in the way of your higher self. Clear Quartz will help you to achieve the highest energy frequency and aligns you with your higher self. Freeing and liberating the brain of stresses or questions and has you feeling empowered to reach all of your goals.  Clear Quartz is the ideal stone to assist you when preparing and executing troubled situations and brings you back to the now moment, and restores liveliness, joy, happiness in your life. Clear Quartz will make your hopes and dreams your reality.  It works hard to ensure that all your thoughts are positive and working for your higher good!  It’s genuinely unique how this stone can awaken and cleanse your soul as well as your mind, body, and heart! Clear Quartz works well with each of your chakras and can remove any blockages and keep them balanced.  Did you know that when you put clear Quartz next to any other crystal, it will automatically amplify the stone's power, which creates even more potent powerful energies.  It is truly amazing how this one crystal can help in so many ways. So remember, Clear Quartz is known as the "All Healer," so choosing clear Quartz ensures you beyond any doubt the effectiveness we'll work with every time.

Setting Intentions makes the crystal even more powerful.  We recommend setting your intentions for each one of your crystals. Click here to read our setting intentions blog and learn exactly how it’s done. 

There are many uses for how you can use clear Quartz in your daily life.

  • Meditation - amplifies an energetic magnifying vibration that aligns you to your higher self and source! 
  • Energy Healing - example: Reiki and chakra healing will allow the powerful energy vibrations from the clear Quartz to alleviate and release negative energies, which helps the healthy energies to recirculate throughout your whole body. 
  • Crystal Grids - Clear Quartz will activate all energies from other crystals and will easily  manifest your intentions. Check out our blog about using Crystal Grids (click here), which will explain in more detail. 
  • Wearing Jewelry- wearing clear Quartz daily will help in so many ways. You will experience more opportunities coming your way and won’t feel mentally or physically drained, and will have more energy and be able to concentrate and stay focused. Click here to view our Clear Quartz jewelry collection.
  • Home - it is said if you want to have a clean and pure energies in your home to leave clear Quartz on your table.
  • Carrying it with you - same as if you wore clear Quartz jewelry.  It also keeps you protected from all negativity.
  • Office Space - leave a clear Quartz crystal on your desk to help with concentrations and keeping negativity away from you.

There is no right or wrong way to use clear Quartz crystals, which means no matter how you want to use it, it will bring you precisely what you need to help you.  

Make sure always to cleanse and recharge your crystals.  You can put it out under the full moon, which is the best way to cleanse it monthly.  You can also use sage to recharge and remove/clear negative energies. Click here to view our sage collection.  

Affirmations: Use powerful mantras like “My dreams are now my reality”  “My mind is free of worry” this will increase the effectiveness of your crystal.  

Product details:

  • Stone type: Raw Crystal Points
  • Material: Clear Quartz Crystal 
  • Color: Clear
  • Includes: 1x Raw Clear Quartz Crystal Point
  • Available in 2 Sizes: choose stone size below:
  1. Approximately 1.75 - 2 inches long 
  2. Approximately 2.75 - 3 inches long 

Please note that these are nice size pieces, and they are also thick.  Check the above pics. 

All gemstones are unique, therefore the color and pattern may vary from the picture shown, but we know you will be pleased with the uniqueness of your crystal.

BEWARE of others who sell cheap imitations.  Our quality is by far the best on the internet.

We stand by our high-quality product and ensure your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 🌕

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