What is Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Bracelet? And does it actually work?

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In today's blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about is this “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet”!  Is this bracelet as powerful as what we see all over the internet? Is it possible that this Pixiu Feng Shui Bracelet can bring you good luck, good fortunes, and abundance? 

Now and then in life, we may feel as if we are drowning in debt and don’t know what we will do. The more you worry, the more bills and debt seems to buildups. This makes us feel suffocated and overpowered by all the obligations we have from bills and other daily responsibilities in our life. The negative energy starts to build around you, that you will never be able to keep your head above water.

How am I supposed to move ahead in life if I can’t make ends meet? Even if you had to get two or maybe three jobs to put food on your table. You feel as if you hit a brick wall. With very few options at hand, how will I ever succeed in life when you can’t even cover your current financial debt and tabs. 

How many times in life are we thrown a curveball that makes it even worse than before.  It feels like when it rains, and it’s pouring! We end up feeling hopeless and defenseless. And then what happens, we become more stressed out and feel drained and tired to manage our daily tasks.

You are just looking for something, anything at this point that will give you a break from all the financial burdens you are being faced with!  

So... Is this “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet“ actually going to work and bring in all the blessings, good luck, good fortune, and abundance into your life? Can this “Pixiu Bracelet” actually be that powerful? Is all the “hype” about the Pixiu Bracelets that are all over the internet true? Is this even possible?

Hmm.... the answer is YES! This “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet” is extremely powerful!

When I first saw all the hype on this bracelet all over the place, I remember asking myself, “Can this be true?”  I was so intrigued to see if this bracelet is all it’s cracked up to be, and after weeks of research and looking at other people's reviews, I decided to buy it and test it out on myself to see if all those reviews were correct. Purchasing this “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet” has been the best item I have ever spent money on....cause it works.  I was hesitant, which I’m sure many of you all are uncertain, just like I was.  And asking yourself how a bracelet can offer all of this, and all I have to do is wear it.  And I’m like ....what is the catch? Is this something that is “too good to be true”? I was brought up learning this saying  “when something seems like it’s too good to be true, then it usually is indeed too good to be true.” And is usually not what it’s all cracked up to be.

Within days of receiving my bracelet, I immediately started to see changes happening in my life.  And I’m thinking, can this be working? So I liked what I was seeing, so I wasn’t about to question It...  After just a few short weeks, my financial situation changed, and opportunities showed up in my life.  And the cause of this bracelet, I was lead to open up this crystal shop.   I found my purpose in life, and it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you are doing!  When my son started to see all the changes happening in my life, my son asked if he can also get a bracelet.  I was shocked, mainly cause my son doesn’t believe in any of this kind of stuff, but he noticed the changes in my life once I started to wear this “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet.”

You can have the same results as all the other people that purchase and wears this bracelet and me.  Don’t you deserve it? 

Well, look no further cause you are in luck.  Meet the Pixiu Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet. This bracelet will help to change your fate around and will find that Good Fortune, Good Luck, Wealth, Abundance will start to flow into your life.  This bracelet will also protect you and your loved ones from any harm or negativity. You will begin to see many opportunities coming in your life and that you are no longer worried about how you will pay bills and get ahead in your life.  This bracelet is made out of Black Obsidian which is known to keep you protected from the “evil eye” and any negativity that tries to come near you! It will remove the blockages from your life and show you the direction you need to follow if you were always the type of person that felt no matter what or where you go that a black cloud is over your head, and nothing ever seems to go your way. Well, that black cloud will be lifted. It helps to change your perspective and open your eyes to the changes that need to be made.

Pixiu is a Chinese symbol that represents wealth, abundance, and good fortune.  This is an extremely powerful ground-breaking protection bracelet, and it will bring you Good Fortune into your life. Obsidian is additionally an incredible stone that will protect you from any negative energies. By utilizing the Law of Attraction and wearing this bracelet, you will see quick changes in your day-to-day existence. Our thoughts are compelling, and with this bracelet, you will be able to make your ideas a reality. You will manifest everything you ever wanted in life, such as finding that great love, a new job, creating your own business, or anything that your soul desires. It is incredibly amazing to see the change in your life happens for your higher self and higher life purpose.

You will feel glad and satisfied with your recently discovered fortune. The abundance that will begin to stream and show up into your life will cause you to feel well adjusted, balanced, grounded, and free. It will diminish stress, pressure, tension and give you a feeling of peace, serenity, calmness, and soothing to your mind. This bracelet will ensure that you are fully protected from any individuals looking to cause harm to you, those people who put a bad taste into your mouth; it’s our intuition that is trying to warn us; we will know and learn to trust our gut feelings that surfaced around specific individuals.

At the point when life throws you a jab that hits you extremely hard In the pit of your stomach or when life throws you lemons. Or when we are surprisingly blindsided by an issue or problem, no need to worry cause Obsidian will protect you and act as an armor and shield from whatever gets thrown at you. You will feel safe and fully protected!

Let’s dig a little deeper...

What are something we can expect from this beautiful Pixiu Feng Shui Wealth Bracelet:

This stone may help you:

  • Going deep within ourselves to help face our fears.
  • Brings gratitude into your life and shows you that you can live, love and enjoy life and be excited again.
  • Helps to creates a new perspective and brings you to see what is happening in the present moment.
  • Shows you how to let go and also to face your fears which helps to move ahead towards your goals.
  • It gives you the strength that your need to fully release the past and cut any attachment you might have from any past love, heartache or any past wounds that need healing and allows you to accept it and fully let it go and be free from your past.

Pixiu has a thirst and big appetite for wealth and will pull in all the riches that the world around us has to offer and will bring unbelievable good fortune to the wearer. The Pixiu represents that cash will always flow to you and never leave you. Which is extremely helpful for the individuals that are in need of a steady cash flow. Will be blessed with Good Karma!

It is known that the Pixiu will bring to you at the minimum of 6 blessings (many experience much more than 6)

Pixiu is known to bring in the following:

  1. Good Luck, Good Karma, Good Fortune
  2. Brings good feng shui energy all around you
  3. Increases wealth and riches
  4. Protects the wear and their homes
  5. Protects against all negativity, evil energy forces, problems and hardship
  6. Brings overall abundance and unexpected luck

Are you ready to bring all the abundance and wealth into your life? Don’t you deserve it? If you are tired of always struggling this bracelet will be the answer to set you free from what is holding you back!

What do you have to lose? Actually, You have more to lose by not bringing this Pixiu Bracelets into your life and won’t be able to experience all this good fortune, that this bracelet has to offer.   

Affirmation: Every time you see your Pixiu Bracelet , recite the following mantra/affirmations : “Money flows to me and brings me good fortune wherever I go.” “Abundance is all around me” “ I deserve to be rich” “I always have enough money to get everything that I need and want in my life!”

It’s your time to shine and benefit from all that the Pixiu can give you!

There are very important instructions that you need to follow.  It might look like a lot but honestly it’s easy and you will be an expert just after the first day.  Plus if you have any questions, I am here to help you and answer all your questions.

This “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet “ MUST BE Worn On the LEFT WRIST!!! This is the most important! Please DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT ONE “SHOP” WITH THE VIDEO STATING TO WEAR ON YOUR RIGHT  Hand! That is false information and it’s known that wearing on your left wrist will bring in all your good fortune & if it’s worn on you “RIGHT WRIST” that means you are giving  away all of your Fortunes and Blessings! And why would you want to chance that!

Pixiu Instructions to follow:

  1. Must wear on the left wrist with no other jewelry and the face of the Pixiu must be facing your pinky finger . (Hint:the butt of the Pixiu is Round so that should be faced to the thumb) only a watch is allowed to wear with it.
  2. First few days wear it long as possible for ur energy to attach to your bracelet.
  3. Do not wear in shower or to bed. Pixiu dont like to get wet. Do not leave in bedroom or sleep with bracelet. This can cause you not to get a restful night sleep and can bring on nightmares. Pixiu needs to stay in living room at all times when you are not wearing it.
  4. When you are not wearing it. The bracelet must be left in living room and the "face" of Pixiu needs to be facing the entrance door.
  5. Respect the bracelet and touch it often like if you were petting it. (Pet from head to tail) Pixiu loves to sleep so this gives them the rest it needs to be at full potential to grab all the fortunes and to bring it to you. Never poke at its eyes or handle it with anger. They need their eyes to see all the fortunes that are around and bring to you. Respect it and handle with care and love!
  6. Do not let anyone else touch your bracelet. If someone touches it, you will need to cleanse the bracelet. Most people use Sage! And I also recommend that each month during the full moon 🌕 leave it outside if it's safe or leave in window sill. The full moon clears and recharges your bracelet. 🩸I will sage it for you so when you receive it, all you have to do is put it on.(We also sell sage bundles and you get 3 bundles for $10) and this lasts a long time. Sage is also good to remove negativity from the home! To order sage bundles, Click here!
  7. If you eat Chille make sure you take off ur bracelet and leave it in Living room facing the main door. Pixiu does not like it and will make it mad and angry.
  8. This is an extremely powerful bracelet and it’s recommended that no one under the age of 16 wear this and no one older than 70 years old should wear this as the energies might be to powerful for them.
  9. Do not wear during love making or in the shower. The Pixiu does not like anything that is dirty or wet!
  10. Do not expose to any chemicals as this will damage your bracelet. It is natural obsidian crystal and will get ruined. Same goes for other crystal like jade, gold, silver and etc.
  11. If it gets exposed or contaminated with blood rinse it quickly and clean immediately cause the blood will stop the cash flowing effects of the bracelet.
  12. Any questions please message me at renee@themagicmoongarden or click the message chat now.

🧘🏻This part is optional and this is what I recommend to all of my customers especially when your dealing with natural stones and crystals. You want to hold the bracelet in your hand and close your eyes and set the intentions that you want this bracelet to do and help you with or whatever you want to achieve. This will enhance the benefits of your bracelet. You will still receive all the benefits regardless but setting intentions just makes it more powerful.

To purchase your very own bracelet click this link “Pixiu Feng Shui Obsidian Wealth Bracelet”!

Click here to view our full Pixiu Line of products

Each Pixiu bracelet comes with the instructions and all the information that you need to receive all of your good fortune! I even tell my customers that when they receive the bracelet, to send me a picture showing me how they are wearing it, this way you know you are wearing it the correct way!

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