What are Crystal Grids?

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A Look Into Crystal Grids: What They are, How They Work, and How to use Them.

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It’s no secret that crystals are one of the most essential tools when it comes to spiritual practices. From cleansing our space to energetic protection, or even chakra healing, crystals always seem to be there for just about everything and anything we need them for, and it’s beautiful. However, one of the best ways to make the most of crystals and their healing abilities is in the form of a crystal grid. Backed by ancient
magick and sacred symbols, crystal grids are truly incomparable to any other divine formation in today's world and are highly underrated in the spiritual community. Therefore, to give you a look into the true magic they hold, we’re going to delve into a brief overview of what they are, how they work, and how to use them in your daily practice to manifest your dream life. Check our crystal grid. Click Here!  Let’s get started.

What is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal GridTo start, crystal grids can best be described as a careful arrangement of crystals put in a geometric shape intended for a specific purpose. While all crystal grids are made up of different crystals, different geometric shapes, and different intent, all crystal grids use the layout of sacred geometry to help enhance the crystal's vibration to make it a true beacon of energy to manifest, direct, and absorb as needed.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry Shape Grids

Now, as mentioned above, crystal grids use Sacred Geometry as the building blocks to their design. But what even is Sacred Geometry, to begin with? While Sacred Geometry has many definitions, it is most often described as a guide to the inner workings of all creation. It is the expression of energy through powerful patterns and symbols that source the energies of the universe to create a powerful energetic connection. These symbols are believed to connect us to our inner selves and help us to understand and channel the secret wisdom and healing energies of the universe. They were also believed to unify all things in a single point, sourcing all energy of life and death and everything in between through it. From temple architecture to the cells of the human body, Sacred Geometry is all around us even today and is believed to align us with the most authentic energy of the universe to channel connection, healing, wisdom, and enlightenment. 

Uses for Crystal Grids

Now that we’ve gone over what a crystal grid entails, when it comes to its use, the most important thing to remember is that intention is everything. Crystal grids can be used for everything from regular metaphysical work to sacred ritual practices, depending on what you put into them. You can also use your crystal grid to represent a specific intention through its crystals or even use them to align to the colors of your chakras. Here’s a brief look into a few basic crystal grid combinations you can try.

1. Love: Rose quartz for love and to represent the heart, clear quartz for balance, garnet for passion, and rhodochrosite for emotional stability and security. 

2. Protection: Black tourmaline quartz to repel negative energy, amethyst to protect the aura from negativity, and hematite for grounding.

3. Psychic abilities: Clear quartz for enhanced intuition and activation of the third eye, amethyst for enhanced psychic abilities and crown activation, and labradorite for a deeper connection to magic, the energies of the earth, and intuition.

 4. Chakra Balancing: 7 chakra stones which corresponds to each chakra and each stone will work by allowing the chakra energies to flow to each chakra freely.  When a chakra is closed or blocked it’s very important to work with that chakra to open it back up which allows to have the best quality of life. If you are not feeling well or always sick that just means your chakras are blocked me needs work.  When all chakras re align you feel at you very best!

Of course, these are just a few brief examples of spreads for crystal grids. However, you can truly make a crystal grid with any crystals you want as long as you set your intention with them.

How to set up a Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid

Now, when it comes to crystal grids, you can buy pre-arranged grids for specific intentions, or you can simply make your own with your own selection of crystals. They can be as big or as small as you like and can make use of any sacred symbols you prefer. However, once you get ready to set up your grid, make sure you follow this guide to help you make the most of it.

1. Charge your crystals

Charge Crystals
Now, before beginning any sort of crystal setup, you’re going to want to cleanse and charge your crystals with your intent. There are many different ways to do this, from cleansing them in water, with smoke, or even just by holding them; you’ll definitely want to cleanse them to align with your energy beforehand to make the ritual more powerful. After this, you can charge them quickly by holding them in your hand individually and visualizing your intention going into them as a form of white light.

2. Pick a grid shape


Now, there’s a lot of different intricate grid shapes out there, and you’ve probably seen the giant ones on social media that just seem endless. However, grid shapes don’t have to be giant in order to be powerful. And honestly, they can even be as simple as just a circle or square. Therefore, you’ll want to research the meaning of each shape in regards to Sacred Geometry to help you pick the best one for your specific intention.

3. Pick a center stone 

Crystal point

Next, you’ll want to first pick a center stone. This stone is known as the ‘focal stone’ for your grid, as the energy from this crystal will reflect in the overall ‘vibe’ of your setup. Therefore, if you’re doing a crystal grid for self-love, you might select rose quartz as your focal stone. Or, if you’re doing a setup for protection, then you might opt for black tourmaline instead. Either way, whatever energy you’re ultimately going for in your setup should be reflected in your focal crystal, so make sure you choose wisely. 

4. Select the surrounding crystals

Next, you’re going to want to select surrounding crystals to be placed around the grid. Think of these crystals as ‘support crystals’ as they will help to boost the energy of the focal crystal but can vary in their energies. For example, if your focal stone has to do with protection, you can also select crystals that bring positivity, grounding, or healing as well to help create a more well-rounded collection of energy aligned with that single point.

5. Set the mood

 Sage burning

Next, you’ll want to ‘set the mood.’ This is an optional step but a great one to enhance the energy. For this, you can ‘set the mood,’ so to speak, in your environment by dimming the lights, lighting candles or incense, and getting into a meditative state of mind. This will help you to feel more relaxed, grounded, and connected to what you’re doing, which will help the energy around you flow easier. 

6. Activate grid

 Clear Quartz

And lastly, activate your grid. You can do this by simply using your finger to touch and activate each stone and connect them energetically to each other. You can also do this by touching each stone with a clear quartz or waving a crystal wand love them to activate them with your intention. And after that, you’re done! Now sit back and channel all the powerful healing energies coming through your grid and allow the energy to fully flow through you and your space through meditation, touch, or visualization.

Woman free

Overall, crystal grids are one of the oldest forms of magic and are a great tool to use in the modern world to create divine manifestations unlike any other. Overall, whether you’re looking for love, protection, or even deeper psychic abilities, you can rest assured that the power of sacred geometry and the magic of crystals will always have your back.  

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This blog was written by @thespiritchick

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