Setting Intentions with Crystals 101

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Setting intentions checklist! How to set intentions with crystals
Did you know that when you set intentions with your crystals, you are making the effects of the crystal more powerful!  By setting intentions is a fantastic way for you to connect your energy with your crystals.

What is an intention? An intention is when you state exactly what you expect or plan to happen.

Great way to look at setting intentions is similar to setting up expectations, purposes, and goals. It helps us in our journey to stay on the right path. This is what allows us to make our dreams a reality.

Setting intentions checklist! How to set intentions with crystals  
There is no right or wrong way when setting intentions; you just want to make sure that you feel it deep within yourself and believe what you are saying is true.  This is how you create a compelling connection with your crystals to enhance the effects of your gemstones.  As you connect to your crystals, this will bring you spiritually closer to the source, universe, and God(whomever you believe in).  Making these connections will bring your soul to your highest authentic self, which will lift you closer to the higher dimensions where it's filled with love and light.

Setting intentions checklist! How to set intentions with crystals

As I stated above, setting intentions will create a more powerful effect to your crystals. So with that said, I want to explain how you can make your crystals effects even more powerful.  By also saying affirmations and positive mantras daily such as “I love myself” “My energy is well-protected” or “I am safe” will increase the effects of your crystal, which in return, creates a powerful energy connections to your crystals and the universe that can not be broken. 

The first step, when your ready to set your intentions, it's essential to start with sage smudging. This includes saging yourself, your surroundings and also your crystal.  When you use sage, it will remove all negative energies, and it will cleanse and recharge your gemstones. This will guarantee that your intentions will be pure and all the energies come from a positive state of love and light. 

Sage smudging to remove negative energies.


Next, you want to center and ground yourself.  A great way to do this is by meditation or breathing techniques.  You can find many excellent videos on YouTube which will assist you during mediating. 

Calming, mediation and breathing while setting intentions

It's time to close your eyes, hold the crystal in your hands and breathe in and out.  This is the stage, where you want to ask the universe to surround you in love and light and to only allow higher energies around you for your greater good and to help you to make intentions that are for your higher authentic self.

Holding crystal in hand to set intentions


You are now ready to say your intentions! Make sure you are clear and detailed on everything you want and also remember to believe and feel each of the words that you speak. Example of Intention:  First and foremost, I'm asking you to allow the energies of your crystal powers to be shared with me to help me to achieve and exceed my goals in my journey. Your job will be to protect me from any adverse effects and to teach me to be able to trust my gut instincts and to believe in myself.  These are my intentions that I'm establishing with you, And I fully trust and believe in the universe(or whoever you believe in) that you will do this job that has been assign for you. And always give thanks to the universe, source and God or to whomever you trust or believe in. After you have said your intentions, take another deep breath in and out. When it's a small crystal or jewelry, I love placing the crystal over my heart and will feel the energy deep within my soul.

Setting intentions with crystals


Just to summarize and make things easier for you, I have created below a “Setting Intentions Checklist,” which will explain how I prefer to set my intentions to my crystal collection and crystal jewelry.  You only need to set your intentions once, and I like to set mine when I get a new crystal piece or jewelry.  Some people like to set their intentions under a new moon or full moon energy. If you haven't set an intention yet to your crystal collection, no worries cause you can do this now or when you have the time.  The checklist is a great tool to utilize when you are ready to set your intentions.



  • Decide which Crystals & Crystal Jewelry you want to set your intentions for.
  • Sage Smudging to cleanse and recharge your crystals before you set intentions.
  • Breathe in & Breathe out 3x or Meditate.
  • Hold one crystal at a time in your hands and close your eyes and take another breath in and out. And ask (source/ God/ Universe) who ever you believe in to surround you only with love and light, higher energies spirits to help set intentions that are for your true higher authentic self.
  • State the “Intention” you want that crystal to do for you. This will enhance the effect of your crystals and you formed a deeper connection with your crystals. Example “I need more clarity in my life so I can make better choices and my intentions is for you to bring me clarity, peace and understanding.

Setting intentions checklist with crystals

I would love to hear from all of you; comment below and let me know if you appreciated the information in this blog. Let me know how you like to set Intentions and if you would like to add any other pointers about setting intentions. Or if you have any questions about anything!

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