Moon Phases & Their Meanings!

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Did you know that each phase of the moon has different meanings? Most people are aware of what a “New Moon” and a “Full Moon” is, but what about the other phases of the moon! Let's dive right in and find out what each moon phase represents!

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 Moon Phases
1. New Moon = New Beginnings/Set Intentions.
New Moon use “Clear Quartz”, “Labradorite” Transformation begins, planting the seed.

2. Waxing Crescent Moon = Visualization/Taking Actions. Waxing Crescent Moon use “Citrine”, “Carnelian” Positive Change starts to begin.

3.  First Quarter Moon = Intensification/Challenges/ Questioning. First Quarter Moon use “Red Jasper” working toward your goals and empowerment.

4.  Waxing Gibbous Moon = Commitment/ Dedication/Patience. Waxing Gibbous Moon use “Black Obsidian” protection from all negativity and acts like a shield of armor and inspires to keep you present in the here and now. 

5.  Full Moon = Flourishing/Celebration/Completion Full Moon use “Rose Quartz”, “Selenite” , “Moonstone”. Take notes of progress, how far you have come and celebrate growth.

6. Waning Gibbous Moon = Releasing/Receiving/ Gratitude. Waning Gibbous use “Opalite”. Opalite will help you to rebalance yourself.  This phase reflect on things that happened and focus on gratitude. Extremely important to make a list of what you are thankful and grateful for.

7.  Last Quarter Moon = Forgiveness/Transformation.  Last Quarter Moon use “Amethyst”. “Black Agate”. This phase is when you are ready to release and letting go of what no longer serves you.

8. Waning Crescent Moon = Intuitive/ Surrender. Waning Crescent Moon use “Sodalite”. This is the phase that you look back and reflect on the past months, reset your goals and purge/remove any trash from your life! The truth is that we fear change and endings, but remember  endings bring us new beginnings.

Just like a Caterpillar, we all need to go through the necessary phases and stages in our life in order for us to transform into that beautiful butterfly! 

Comment below and let me know what rituals you do during each phase of the moon and let us know which moon phase is your favorite!

I can’t wait to read all the comments, please share with friends & family!  

Love you all!

Renee Mazzola 

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