Mary Silvernail (Astrologer) and Renee Mazzola (Spiritual Healer) discuss about Chakra Crystals, EMF Crystals and Essential oils!

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Crystals & Essential Oils

Just two weeks ago, I appeared (Renee Mazzola, Spiritual healer & Owner of The Magic Moon Garden) as a special guest on Mary Silvernail's television show called Astrology, Angels, and more.  Mary Silvernail, an astrologer, a board-certified hypnotherapist, and a shaman, spoke about crystals, essential oils, and other spiritual-related topics. 

We had so much fun as we discussed Chakra Stones, EMF Protection, and essential oils. This video has so much information and will help beginners to get started. If you have worked with crystals before, you will appreciate details and learn a few things.  It’s an excellent video for all, no matter if you just started or if you have been using crystals for a very long time.  

Mary starts with some astrology and what we can expect in October. The information she shares is beneficial and will help you navigate through October.  

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Check out the following links of the products used in the video to learn more about them!

Chakra Products

Essential Oils

EMF Collection (protection from EMF and 5G Radiations)

The Following Crystals will help protect you from EMF:


Black Tourmaline  

Black Obsidian

Citrine (helps to repair from EMF Damage)


Green Aventurine 




Smoky Quartz



The following items are highly recommended to protect yourself from EMF! These are the 2 items that are a must have for wearing and also to put around your house. (Note: place these raw tourmaline stones all around your home especially by WiFi, electronics, microwave and etc!) Very important to cleanse and recharge Tourmaline Stones cause it holds all the negativity in the stone and you must clear it weekly! You can cleanse it very easily with burning sage, burning orange peels or just placing on top of selenite. The best way to cleanse and recharge is during a full moon. Just read about the energy of the full moon to make sure it’s a good energy that you want inside your crystals.


Raw Tourmaline EMF Protection Necklace 

Raw Black Tourmaline EMF Protection Necklace

Raw Tourmaline EMF Protection Stones

Raw Tourmaline EMF Protection Stones


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